Our team comprises of a unique group of industry experts, having varied professional backgrounds with several years of experience.


Together, we can proudly boast of having over 45 years of combined experience in the Professional Consulting industry.


Despite our diverse range of skills and experience, what we share is a commitment to providing personalized service and delivering high-quality results.


The common factor in our diverse team of professionals is the Mission of the organization: Customer-focused marketing.


It is defined as offering customers a consistently great and relevant experience across all touch points.


Target Consultants have a talent for active listening, a knack for clarifying the problem to be solved and the experience and know-how to deliver actionable solutions.


Once retained, our team ensures to identify the problem at hand, design a client-specific approach, provide on-going counseling and attain effective results and goals.


We believe and follow through on our principle that a satisfied customer is our 'Brand Ambassador' - the best source of referrals.


For us, each project is like a finger-print. No two are alike.