We are presently tasked with promoting the various Post-Secondary educational programs of Oxford College of Arts, Business and Technology, Canada, to the Indian market, through direct recruitment of students and appointment of International Student Recruitment Agents.


Oxford College is a leading postsecondary institution offering professional diplomas and post-graduate diplomas in Healthcare, Technology and Business.


Oxford College offers many different programs, all of which are carefully designed to equip students to enter high-growth industries.


Oxford College has several campuses across the Greater Toronto Area.


Their main campus, located at 670 Progress Avenue in Scarborough is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI # O19375414252), authorized by IRCC (formerly CIC) to accept International Students.


DLI Accreditation for other campuses is currently underway and details shall be updated shortly.


Complete details of Oxford College, their Programs and various locations can be found on their website at